CloudTech Interview and Future Roadmap Ahead

September 24, 2017

CloudTech, Salesforce's Gold Partner in Israel, offers unique and innovative solutions and professional services on the Salesforce platform for the local and global markets

[Interview conducted by Danielle Dotan, editor for Globes]

CloudTech, which has over 50 employees and is based in Ra'anana, has over 5 years of experience in professional services, development, and implementation of Salesforce solutions for the local and global markets. I met with Avi Avisror, founder, and CEO of CloudTech, on the issue of the cloud revolution and the diverse and innovative possibilities facing both large and small organizations.

"The cloud revolution has changed the rules of the game in terms of flexibility, adaptation, and access to information in organizations." Says Avi Avisror. "The cloud revolution provides flexible and dynamic operations, global accessibility, shortening and significant savings in time, resources, and budgets."

What is the Salesforce platform?

Salesforce provides software as a service, customer relationship management and business application development platform for large and small organizations.

Today, Salesforce has become the domain of millions of organizations in Israel and abroad. Organizations can deploy customer relationship systems, application and business process development, both internal and external, at a very high speed.

How does Salesforce meet market needs under the cloud revolution?

"Salesforce gives a 360° snapshot of the entire organization, at any given moment, from any place and from any device. Entire organizational management levels receive a spatial view of all the company's customers and reflect the information to all relevant parties in the organization." Says Avisror

In terms of the marketing department, you can see all the opportunities and statuses of transactions made under each marketing campaign at the push of a button, building marketing automation for potential customers, and of course estimating and analyzing the ROI of all the marketing activities in the organization, which of course streamlines the distribution of the marketing budget and maximizes it .

In terms of the sales department, Salesforce enables salespeople to keep close, smart and accurate tracking of the entire sales system, managing sales stages, bidding, managing an affiliate portal, and building sales forecasts.

In terms of service and support departments, Salesforce provides advanced tools for efficient and convenient management of customer portfolios through customer portal, databases, customer product management, etc. - which results in a tremendous improvement in customer satisfaction and meeting company goals.

What is CloudTech's expertise in Salesforce?

CloudTech is focused and targeted by Salesforce and is one of 40 Salesforce partnerships in the world, which gives it the approval and ability to develop products on the platform and for the benefit of Salesforce's global ecosystem.

CloudTech operates in the cloud market as a sales partner of Salesforce and does not deal with other cloud service platforms, which gives it the most familiarity with the platform, a huge advantage over other partners and continues to maintain a strong and stable relationship with the American partner.

Nathan Gavish, vice president of business development at Salesforce says:

CloudTech brings a lot of experience in integrating and developing CRM systems, and because of the good support, the sales momentum, and the proper" compliance with our high parameters, CloudTech quickly became a global Gold Salesforce partner.

We chose CloudTech as a business and Gold partner of Salesforce because of the vast knowledge and experience it brings with it in the fields of Sales, Service Community and B2B marketing for businesses. In addition, CloudTech offers a range of unique CRM solutions tailored to each client's needs. "

CloudTech focuses on three main areas 

  • Providing professional services on the Salesforce platform and its complementary products such as marketing automation, internal and external organizational integration, the establishment of customer and partner portals and more.
  • Development of independent applications for the Salesforce AppExchange, and the introduction of horizontal solutions as a direct derivative of the professional services we provide to our diverse clients in various fields.
  • Application development for organizations that want to bring their solutions to Salesforce's extensive ecosystem

The professional team at CloudTech is comprised of system analysts, project managers, developers and implementers with decades of experience in Salesforce, which gives them the knowledge to design, characterize, manage, develop and implement the most unique and optimal solutions, providing the most professional service with the highest ROI for our customers.

Which companies are on your customer list? 

"Today, the company has over 100 customers from all fields, industries and segments such as ironSource, Kaminario, Zerto, Sisense and more," says Avisror. "It is important for us to point out that CloudTech continues to provide full and equal professional service to organizations and companies of every size and scope, and the results speak for themselves."

What is the company's vision for the coming years?

"CloudTech is in the midst of a very rapid growth process. The average amount of transactions increases and the closing rate of transactions is significantly reduced. I definitely think we bring something new and refreshing with creative thinking and out of the box solutions."

"CloudTech will continue to grow and move forward, as we are a strong company with dedicated values, employees, and managers, and this is just the beginning," Avisror concludes.