The World’s Leading Solution on How to Sync Your CRM Seamlessly Into Your Inbox

April 11, 2019

Do you find important email conversations are missing from your CRM?

Not only is this frustrating your sales team, but it is also costing you money.

What’s even worse is that you could be losing a score of customers in the long run and develop a poor brand reputation in the process which can be detrimental and nearly impossible to fix.

And you certainly cannot afford that.

But there’s a more efficient way to sync your CRM into your inbox to prevent any lost opportunities, improve overall customer satisfaction, and increase deal conversions.

What Riva Does Differently

Riva has solved these issues and has taken the frustration out of the sales process by seamlessly syncing your CRM into your inbox.

The best part is that Riva supports all major CRM’s - from Salesforce, Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, and all major email systems such as Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, IBM Notes and more!

Email syncing has never been easier.

And one of the most powerful features Riva offers is called Conversation Capture.

Conversation Capture gives you a 360-degree view of your email conversations delivered directly to your CRM and automates email conversation tracking. Never miss out on another valuable conversation again!

Riva also makes cross-selling a breeze since you can track each crucial touchpoint of the customer journey and detect if any important email conversations are missing.

Conversation Capture also tracks the entire email conversation thread, making it simple for sales reps to follow-up on important conversations and to quickly sift through the noise.

You’ll be able to track the status of each email and get a better picture of where you stand in the customer journey and life cycle.

Riva can be customized when sending emails and by preventing duplicate CRM contacts from being created which can become confusing and time wasting for busy sales reps to sort through.

Sales reps can also take advantage of Riva’s SmartCreate folders to create new opportunities and cases directly from their desktop, webmail, and mobile email application. This can be a powerful way to increase deal capture and reduce manual data entry.

Riva also syncs custom event categories to simplify reporting on the number of phone calls, special meeting types, appointments, webinars, and other events.

Work smarter and faster as a team by syncing CRM tasks together and by creating powerful sales pitch emails that will delight your customers.

You can also schedule meetings with just a few clicks instead of going back and forth and delaying a potential deal or worse, losing that potential deal because there was no follow-up on time.

Prioritizing Opportunities to Help Secure More Deals

Do you have open opportunities that require immediate prioritization?

Riva has an amazing tool called SmartConvert which is used to turn emails into new opportunities without any plugins or applications needed to install.

Riva automatically creates a folder structure for the options that are configured. And don’t worry if you delete a folder by accident, Riva will automatically recreate it.

How it works is quite simple. Simply drag one or more emails from your inbox into the Create New Opportunity folder and voila!


Riva matches each email recipient address against a contact or user email address in the CRM.

And the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to toggle between your CRM and inbox, saving you a considerable amount of time and valuable resources to focus more effort on higher priority sales objectives.


Calendar Syncing from CRM to Inbox

Scheduling appointments with Riva is super easy and highly effective.

The calendar sync ensures that you never miss scheduling an important appointment or meeting.

Using Riva, you can track appointments CRM users’ calendars and contacts' activity history.

Riva checks your CRM during the syncing process to match attendees and contacts against users and contacts based on an email address in the CRM, avoiding duplicate records, which again will save you a great deal of time sorting out your schedule.

Some other valuable features of the Riva Cloud:

  • Syncing CRM contacts and leads
  • Syncing CRM opportunities
  • Syncing CRM tasks
  • Syncing CRM calendars
  • Syncing CRM custom objects
  • Syncing CRM custom fields
  • Logging emails to your CRM

And that is just a fraction of what Riva has to offer!

Ready to see Riva in action for yourself?

CloudTech is proud to host our Partner, Riva™, for a special webinar presentation and live-demo titled The World’s Leading Solution on How to Sync Your CRM Seamlessly Into Your Inbox.

No matter what CRM you’re using, be it Salesforce, Dynamics, Oracle, SAP or any other - Riva’s world-leading solution will help you keep everything synced together to your inbox - from CRM contacts, emails, tasks, calendar events, and more!

Join us on Tuesday, April 30th at 11:00 AM and learn how to seamlessly sync your CRM with your inbox. Accelerate your business with the world's #1 leader in CRM data automation!

Trusted by SMB's and some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world, Riva™ is the leader in CRM data automation, integration, and relationship intelligence. Riva currently works with over 1,200 organizations and 150,000 CRM users globally.

We will be joined by Riva™ Business Development Manager - Wolfgang Berger and CloudTech Pre-Sales Solution Engineer - Ishay Kenan.

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