14 Awesome Salesforce Podcasts You Need To Be Subscribed To

April 23, 2018

Are you looking to stay up to date and in-the-know on all the latest Salesforce news, rumors, acquisitions, and tips? Whether you’re a data analyst or a seasoned developer, you need to be tuned in to these amazing and informative podcast sessions.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 Salesforce podcasts that encompass a wide variety of topics. You can listen to these podcasts while commuting to work, during a jog, or before you go to sleep. Just put on your headphones and zone out to these awesome podcasts.

As an added bonus, we’ve featured a few CRM podcasts that cover important trending issues such as GDPR & CRM and what you need to know about it. Learn about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it affects your company.

And now, on to the list of awesome podcasts…

1) The Salesforce Admins Podcast

Hosted by: Gillian Bruce & Mike Gerholdt

About: The Salesforce Admins Podcast is THE go-to place for all admins, seasoned or new. Gillian Bruce and Mike Gerholdt go through a wide range of topics that include careers in Salesforce, inspirational stories, insights on technical issues, and top notch interviews with many Salesforce MVP’s and thought leaders in the community.

2) Brainiate

Hosted by: David Giller

About: Brainiate features former attorney turned Salesforce MVP and thought leader, David Giller. David routinely conducts in-depth interviews with top industry leaders and outlines his journey on how he made the transition from the legal field to becoming a Trailblazing superstar and one of the most sought after voices in the Salesforce community.

3) WizardCast

Hosted by: Brian Kwong

About: One of the most recognized pieces of Salesforce memorabilia is the famed wizard hat, donned by host and MVP, Brian Kwong. WizardCast features various Trailblazer stories, insights on seasonal releases, and even certification strategies. Brian is occasionally joined by his sidekick and Yoda, Mark Ross.

4) Heroku Podcasts

Hosted by: Kenneth Reitz

About: Heroku Podcasts are all about...yep, you guessed it, Heroku. These are geared more towards the engineers and developers. The podcasts are hosted by Kenneth Reitz, who also happens to be Director at Python Software Foundation.

You’ll definitely enjoy the wide library of podcast sections that include Developer Tea, Giant Robots, The Bike Shed, and Talk Python to Me. Kenneth shares his vast knowledge of Python and helps answer any questions you might have regarding Heroku as well.


5) Good Day, Sir

Hosted by: Jeremy Ross & John De Santiago

About: Good Day, Sir is your podcast destination for all the latest acquisitions, transactions, and Salesforce news, lead by Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago. These engineers don’t just talk about Salesforce.

They give their honest thoughts on trending topics that are buzzing around the Internet, even weighing in on the current Facebook fiasco and their thoughts on laptops with Apple’s own chips. Highly entertaining to say the least!


6) Code Coverage

Hosted by: Matt Lacey & Steve Herod

About: This one is for the coders and developers, as the name suggests. Steve Herod and Matt Lacey dig deep on many technical issues, such as discovering bugs and fixing them, platform limits and innovation, and a strong focus on Apex and Visualforce. If you’re a platform builder or developer, you won’t want to miss Code Coverage.

7) The Marketing Cloudcast

Hosted by: Tina Rozul & Megan Collins

About: Every marketer should be tuned into The Marketing Cloudcast. It is co-hosted by Tina Rozul and Megan Collins and gives you great tips on improving your marketing strategy and to think outside-the-box. One particular podcast that is highly recommended is What I’ve Learned from Interviewing 100+ Marketers. Tons of great tips and info in that one.

8) Two WIT

Hosted by: Kristi Guzman & Melinda Smith

About: Kristi Guzman and Melinda Smith co-host Two WIT (Women in Tech). Lots of funny and motivational interviews to get you going throughout your day. Their approach to Salesforce is truly unique. #YouCouldBeSomeonesLight with Selina Suarez is truly one of the most heartwarming and inspiring podcasts you will come across.

9) Blazing Trails

Hosted by: Sabrina Barekzai and Marissa Kraines

About: Trailblazers Sabrina Barekzai and Marissa Kraines give you all the details leading up to the prestigious Dreamforce event and what you can expect to see each year. They conduct interviews with leading experts and celebrities to keep you motivated and inspired throughout your Trailblazing journey.


10) Quotable

Hosted by: Kevin Micalizzi

About: Are you looking to boost sales? Well, you’ve come to the right podcast. Quotable is a Salesforce podcast hosted by Kevin Micalizzi that gives you all the tools to build your presence and learn how to close more deals. You’ll learn about better improving your sales metrics and how the future of sales looks like.

A few notable podcasts include Quotable Podcast Episode #84: Mastering the Millennial Sales Hustle, with Tom Alaimo and Quotable Podcast Episode #85: Build Your Presence, But Know Your Audience, with Will Barron.


11) CloudFocus Weekly

Hosted by: Jason Atwood & Justin Edelstein

About: CloudFocus is a weekly show covering the latest cloud computing news, happenings and events co-hosted by Jason Atwood and Justin Edelstein. CloudFocus reviews current and upcoming events with their personal spin on things. The guys go off topic and discuss the future of Apple in their Apple 4K podcast and even offer their insights with the CloudFocus App Pick of the Week.


12) Technology Flows

Hosted by: Matthew Morris

About: If you’re looking to learn about the future of technology or what AI can do, then Technology Flows is the place. Matt Morris interviews tons of recognized names in the industry that feature Peter Coffee and Daniel Peter. A few notable podcasts include Serverless Architecture with Francis Pindar and Peter Coffee talking AI, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Predictive Analytics.


13) Be A Travel Star

Hosted by: Zachary Jeans

About: And for something totally different. Be A Travel Star with host Zachary Jeans explores the world of travel in the Salesforce ecosystem. Journey with Zachary as he treks through some of the most spectacular and breathtaking places in the world, where many Salesforce events have taken place. Zachary interviews fellow Trailblazers and delivers wrap-ups on the events he has been to. Definitely something worth checking out for all.


14) CRM Talk Podcast

Hosted by: Steve Chipman & Sam Biardo

About: CRM Talk Podcast features many in-depth discussions with some of the most thought provoking leaders from the industry. A few notable interviews include Ian Gotts of Elements.cloud and Brandon Bruce of Cirrus Insight. The show is co-hosted by Steve Chipman and Sam Biardo.


In Closing

There are plenty of Salesforce podcasts out there to keep you well informed, entertained, and inspired. Make sure you check them all out and bookmark the pages for later reference.