The Do's and Don'ts of LinkedIn Marketing

October 19, 2016
Are you looking to get more exposure on LinkedIn? Here are a few ways you can leverage the world’s largest professional networking giant to get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing experience. 
It All Starts with You - Profile 
The first thing any potential prospect notices about you is your bio. Stand out with an attention-grabbing summary. Take a look at similar profiles from others in your industry to get a better idea on how to create an eye-catching summary. Fill out as many relevant fields as possible to boost your profile. 
Do - Optimize for relevant keywords in the profile heading, description, and summary. 
Don’t - Stuff your bio with as many keywords as you can think of, offer services you cannot provide, lie about your background. 
Be a Thought Leader - Groups 
There is no better way to establish yourself as an industry leader and influencer than through groups. You can either join relevant groups or create your own group and invite your connections to join. Everyone cares about a thought leader. You will gain recognition as a trusted and well-respected industry authority over time. The end results are a higher following, both to your LinkedIn company page and website, a larger network of relevant connections and ultimately, a few sales down the line. 
Do - Offer your professional opinions, helpful answers to questions posted and benefits of your services in discussions.
Don’t - Spam the groups with overly promoted ads about your business. You will eventually get removed from the groups and miss out on a huge networking opportunity.  
Build Meaningful Relationships - Connections 
Start by going through your 1st Connections, introducing yourself and the reason for why you are contacting them. The best place to begin is through your company page. These people are already interested in your business since they joined your group and follow your posts/discussions. Keep the Subject headline short and the message personal. A few quick sentences is generally a good suggestion. Limit your use of the words “I”, “me” and “my.” Focus more on their needs and how you can solve their problems. 
Do - Tag 1st Connections on posts, especially if you are referring to their business or services. Simply add the @ and enter their name, exactly like Twitter. What’s even better is that the rest of your connections can see the post in their news feed, thus creating a viral loop effect. 
Don’t - Randomly spam people with a generic sales pitch, use misleading Subject headlines, send bulk messages to all of your connections at once. 
Build Brand Awareness and Increase Lead Generation - Ads 
You can quickly gain more impressions from relevant people on LinkedIn through targeted ads. Make sure your ads include a CTA, a visually compelling image, and a message that entices them to click. You can choose to focus on Industries, Job titles, Education and Groups. You can always change your audience segmentation and see what works. 
Do - Create multiple ads and test them, create amazing content people will want to share, include visuals in your ads. 
Don’t - Overuse capital letters, leave the images blank. 
Closing Thoughts 
LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity to promote your business and build your Salesforce contact list. So, make sure you take the time to get to know your audience, research your connections thoroughly, and offer helpful advice to people.