Basecamp Tel Aviv 2018 Wrap Up

June 20, 2018

Basecamp 2018 has come to an end and CloudTech was honored and truly privileged to be a part of it as an Emerald Sponsor. We wanted to thank everyone from Team CloudTech for all of your dedication, hard work, and for representing the company.

A special thank you to Guillaume Attia, Olivier Elbaz, Hila Levy Loya, Oren Sela and everyone else at Salesforce for organizing this spectacular event and making us feel so welcomed!

And a huge thanks to everyone at Yael Group and to Amitai Pollak for delivering a great speech at the opening keynote.

We also wanted to thank all of our partners and customers for their ongoing levels of commitment and dedication with us, and to all the keynote speakers for putting together some incredible presentations.

Basecamp Tel Aviv 2018 Summary

For those of you who could not attend, we wanted to give you a brief summary and the key takeaways from Basecamp Tel Aviv 2018.

This year, the event was much more focused and we had amazing results. We received extremely positive feedback from our partners and customers. We felt the audience was much more in tuned with Salesforce and the overall vibe was amazing.

We really enjoyed meeting all the fellow Trailblazers at the event that took the time to stop by our CloudTech Connect booth. It was nice to see so many familiar faces and an absolute pleasure to meet new Trailblazers from different sectors and industries.

Team CloudTech Presenting at Basecamp

We were honored to have our team members involved in several hands-on workshops and demo sessions throughout the day. We were also honored to take part in the Tech Bar, which was an area where Trailblazers could ask questions to Salesforce experts.

These were the sessions Team CloudTech participated in:

Process Automation Workshop - A thorough overview of Salesforce automation processes and the best automation tools to implement per business process. You can download the full Process Automation Workshop PDF here.

This session was lead by Project Manager, Maor Martziano and Implementer, Tal Oryon.

  • Pardot Workshop - A complete hands-on walkthrough of Pardot, including strong emphasis on Salesforce Engage, how to build forms and landing pages, how Engagement Studio works, how to build lead nurturing programs, and several Use Cases. You can download the full Pardot Workshop PDF here

This session was lead by Project Manager, Shmuel Mizrachi and Implementer, Tal Oryon.

CloudTech Xbox One Giveaway!

This year, we upped the ante and went all out! We held a prize giveaway where a few lucky Trailblazers were scanned by our team members and entered into our lottery to win a brand new Xbox One and a Galaxy Tab A6.

In the process, we got to learn a lot about our prospective customers and had a pleasure meeting each and every one of you who took the time to stop by our booth. We also had many successful meetings which were set in advance via Calendly.

***Winners have not been announced yet. So make sure you stay tuned if you were scanned by our team members to see who won!

CloudTech Focus on PDO Offerings

We placed a great deal of emphasis on our PDO services this year. CloudTech is currently in the process of expanding our PDO offerings to the entire Israeli ecosystem.

We also took part in the panel and brought the PDO aspect more into the limelight.

A huge thanks to our VP Products and AppExchange Partners, Shif Arad for taking center stage on the expert panel and paving the PDO future for CloudTech!


Finally, we saw a very funny closing keynote from famous Israeli stand up comic and entertainer, Israel Katorza that left us full of laughter and ended Basecamp for 2018.

And as you would expect, Salesforce gave away a ton of awesome free swag!


Closing thoughts...

To sum it all up, we had a very successful and productive time at Basecamp this year. The production was superb, the staff was wonderful, and the overall vibe was awesome!

It took a lot of dedicated effort, extra hours at the office, and rigorous last-minute planning from the entire CloudTech Team that made Basecamp such a tremendous success for us. We value everyone’s contributions and really look forward to doing it again next year!