How to Use Reddit to Attract More Salesforce Leads

April 17, 2018

There are many places to collect highly qualified Salesforce leads online. One of the most underlooked places, however, is Reddit. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Reddit, Reddit is a social news aggregator and one of the leading discussion forums on the Internet.

What distinguishes Reddit from other online community forums is the amount of traffic it generates.

Did you know, that as of February 2018, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique users), ranking as the #4 most visited website in the United States and #6 in the world, according to its Wikipedia page.

234 million unique users per month!

Let that soak in for a moment. Needless to say, the amount of traffic and exposure on Reddit is well worth your time and investment.

Contrary to popular belief, Reddit is not only a discussion place for hardcore gamers, political jokes, and daily cat videos, it is also a place to generate high quality Salesforce leads.

But how, you ask?

By demonstrating your expertise as a Salesforce professional through the Salesforce and SFDC subreddits.

Here is an excellent example and an ideal opportunity to answer a specific question:



If you have any CPQ experience or knowledge, you can help this person out and quite possibly gain some business in return. You can also redirect them to a similar subsection or blog post on your website and collect their email to add them to a newsletter, invite them to a webinar, or schedule a quick demo if possible. Each option brings the lead further down the sales funnel.

Keep in mind, that the more helpful you are, the more Karma points you earn. Karma points are given in the form of upvotes for each submission and or replies to questions. You want to gather as much of these Karma points as possible to increase your credibility on Reddit or cRedditability (we had to throw that one in!).

This concept is similar to what we discussed in a previous blog post on How to Convert More Salesforce Leads Through Quora. By taking the time to address the Redditor’s question, you’ve established yourself as a credible authority figure. That means your name might very well likely come up the next time a Redditor is looking to hire a Salesforce expert.

Have a look at these excellent ideas for potential blog posts:




Funny enough, we’ve actually covered a similar topic in greater depth called Salesforce Lightning Reporting and Dashboards [All You Need to Know] with guest blogger and author of Salesforce Lightning and Dashboards, Johan Yu. Not only did Johan guest blog about this particular topic, he’s also written a book about it as well. That makes him a leading authoritative figure on the subject.

Pay close attention to the subject, “Should I upgrade from Professional to Enterprise?” it is definitely buyer’s intent. This person is ready to upgrade their Salesforce services. Maybe you can lend a helping hand here?

You can also expand upon the subject and turn it into a massive blog post about all the various features of Professional and Enterprise editions or maybe publish an eBook or webinar. The choice is yours.

Regardless of which path you choose, you might have a potential client awaiting you. Worth the time and effort to write that blog post, wouldn’t you agree?

On the flipside, you can share helpful content that is both beneficial and interesting to the subreddit community. Let’s say you shared an article from a trusted Salesforce blog authority such as Simply Sfdc, Salesforce Ben or from a more targeted niche blog like The Spot for Pardot.

Let’s say the article gets a lot of Karma and becomes a hot topic on the board. You may receive a nice amount of traffic to your site as a result, especially from high quality backlinks and mentions from the bloggers themselves. Not a bad trade off indeed.

Inbound marketing at it’s finest.

Reddit is also a great place to discover some excellent ideas for articles and expand on the subjects further. Not to mention all the awesome SEO benefits that come along with it.


A few words of caution when using Reddit:

Redditors are very savvy to fake promotional tactics which may even get you banned if you appear overly spammy. Take the time to get to know the Reddit community first. You can read more about the Guidelines for self-promotion on Reddit here to get an idea of how things work and develop a good sense of Reddiquette.


In Conclusion…

Reddit is very useful when building both content marketing strategies and creating sales opportunities. You can spend as little as 15 minutes per day picking through the site for topics you can expand upon, ideas to blog about, and where to add high quality backlinks to your site.

Get involved in the Reddit community today!