21 Free Tools Every Salesforce Marketer Should Be Using

October 18, 2016
Free is a good thing, especially when it comes to online marketing. Here are 21 free marketing tools you can use to create incredible presentations, analyze your website data, send better emails with more open rates and grow your social communities. Please feel free to let us know if we missed any in the comments below.  
1) Canva - Create beautiful and eye-catching presentations, Facebook posts and  infographics through Canva. The free version gives you 1GB of storage for photos and access to their huge library of over 8,000 templates. 
2) Grammarly - The biggest and most embarrassing fear of any content writer is having incorrect grammar. Grammarly is a must have browser extension for any content writer. It detects spelling errors, plagiarism and provides a thorough analysis of each piece of content you upload. 
3) AddThis - Spruce up your blog and grow your social reach by adding sharing buttons. Amplify your content and get your message out to the masses. You also have a wide variety of buttons to play around with, which you can change at any time. 
4) Keyword Planner - Discover new keyword ideas, bidding strategies and traffic estimates to build a winning AdWords campaign. You can also play around with Multiple keyword lists to focus on the long tail keywords. 
5) Google Analytics - Arguably the most important tool out there for a variety of reasons. Google Analytics gives you the power to track and measure all your website data. Make sure your website has Google Analytics setup before you begin any marketing campaign.
6) Facebook Page Insights - Page Insights provides you with valuable metrics about your page’s overall performance and which posts generate the most user engagement. You’re able to narrow your audience by demographics so that your posts are reaching the right people at the right time by scheduling posts. 
7) MailChimp - MailChimp offers you a free account of up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails/month. This option is ideal if you’re on a shoestring budget yet have a small enough list of prospects you need to reach per month. 
8) IFTTT - IFTTT connects apps and devices with “if this, then that” statements to create Recipes, which are a chain of commands. There are over 211 channels with their given set of triggers for each possible combination. Sign up for free and start testing out the possibilities. 
9) AdWords Performance Grader - The last thing any AdWords manager wants to see is wasted spend on ads with no return. This nifty tool courtesy of WordStream, gives you free optimization tips and a free overall report on your AdWords performance. 
10) Moz SEO Toolbar - The most widely trusted and recognized SEO toolbar on the web. The free browser extension provides you with a quick keyword, link and page optimization, social metrics and SERP (search engine results page) analysis. 
11) Quora - Are you an expert in Salesforce development or Pardot B2B marketing automation? If yes, then Quora is the place to showcase your knowledge. The Q&A platform allows you to build your influence as a respected authority in your chosen field by answering questions. Help others and gain new followers in the process. 
12) Pocket - Pocket allows you to save valuable articles throughout the web and read them later on. Pocket is perfect for the busy copywriter/content in search of new ideas or writing inspiration. Just click the browser extension and save the article for a later time or day. 
13) Screaming Frog - Screaming Frog crawls your website in search of broken links, pages missing valuable metadata and finding duplicate content. These areas can get you penalized by Google in rankings, so make sure you thoroughly scan your website with this fantastic and free tool. 
14) WiseStamp - Ideal for sales reps. WiseStamp enables you to custom design your own email signatures to stand out from everyone else. You can promote your latest Tweet or Facebook post, which can link directly to a particular product on your website. You can also add product banners, social profiles, and quotes.  
15) PowToon - Animate your slides to give them more life with PowToon. You have 100MB of free storage and a max video length of up to 5 minutes. Ideal for short presentations that need a bit of flair to transmit an important message. 
16) Qzzr - Looking for more Facebook engagement? Qzzr allows you to create and share your own quizzes to boost social traffic and generate more leads. Make the quizzes fun and personable to fully engage your audience. 
17) LikeAlyzer - LikeAlyzer monitors and analyzes your Facebook page. You simply put in your Facebook page and LikeAlyzer tells you what looks good and what needs improvement. A must-have tool for any community manager. 
18) CliClap - CliClap enables you to add your custom CTA with every link you share. You can also schedule posts to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter at different times. If you are looking to build brand awareness and drive more leads to your site, you should definitely install CliClap. 
19) Headline Analyzer - The most critical component of any email or blog post in the headline. Your message won’t get opened unless you have a compelling message that entices the person to open it. Headline Analyzer gives you an overall quality rate on each headline you submit. Start getting more click-throughs with this awesome tool. 
20) Klout - By now, you’ve become very familiar with this social influencing tool on your Salesforce dashboard. But you can use Klout to find and connect with social influencers and share valuable content. Klout is also great for scouting Twitter and finding influencers you can network with right away. 
21) HootSuite - And last but certainly not least, we have the social media management dashboard leaders of HootSuite. Although you are limited to 3 social profiles, you can still leverage this option if you need to conserve your budget. You can begin with the basics (Facebook business page, Linkedin company page, and Twitter account) and work your way up from there. You can also sign up for the 30-day free trial, which gives you access to 50 social profiles.