12 Invaluable Apps on the AppExchange Worth Checking Out

January 15, 2017

The Salesforce AppExchange is flooded with plenty of useful apps that it can be quite overwhelming at times to know which ones to choose. We narrowed down the list down to 12 apps that range anywhere from case management to duplicate data removal. Some of the apps are free, while the others are paid. Please let us know if we missed any or if you have any to add. We’d be delighted to hear about it in the comments below.

And now, on to the list..

1 Case Success

What it does - Case Success offers a better way to monitor and track the lifecycle of each case and support ticket.

Why you need it - You’re able to reduce the duration spent on each case, improve the overall performance of support agents, and discover new opportunities to offer a higher level of customer satisfaction. No more headache and frustration with cases that seem to stay open forever!

Check it out here:


2 Vision-e Scan

What it does - It is a business card reader that allows you to upload business cards in Salesforce with your mobile device.

Why you need it - This app is ideal for sales reps that are at tradeshows, conferences, and meetups. You can scan business cards to contacts, leads, and accounts with a single click. Give this app a go the next time you’re at an event.

Check it out here:


3 DocuSign

What it does - They specialize in electronic signatures and digital transaction management.

Why you need it - You’ll need DocuSign if you plan on sending sensitive documents such as legal documents and sales agreements. DocuSign is one of the top rated and most popular apps on the AppExchange.

Check it out here:


4 Zapier

What it does - Zapier connects Salesforce to all the web apps you use, automating your entire workflow by copying and moving data for you.

Why you need it - Ideal for social media managers that work with many different social media channels and applications to perform a variety of tasks. You create “zaps”, which connects one app with another to give you automated outcomes. Experiment with a few “zaps” today.

Check it out here:


5 OwnBackup

What it does - They are a backup and recovery solution that prevents from mission critical Salesforce data loss.

Why you need it - They provide essential recovery tools that will help restore data loss, in the event of a user error or malicious intent, which isn’t covered by Salesforce SLA. You can never be secure enough when it comes to data loss. You might want to give OwnBackup a try.

Check it out here:


6 Cirrus Insight

What it does - Sync Gmail and Outlook emails and events to Salesforce.

Why you need it - View all of your contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, and other valuable Salesforce information directly from your inbox. The sync is great because you don’t have to switch back from email to Salesforce, freeing up your schedule to focus on other important things.

Check it out here:


7 FilesPlus

What it does - FilesPlus allows you to manage org’s attachments and files all within Salesforce in one place.

Why you need it - FilesPlus is great for uploading multiple files simultaneously from the record using a drag and drop interface, archiving important files and documents with a backup option before deleting them, and freeing up excess storage. It is truly one of the most functional apps you will find on the AppExchange.

Check it out here:


8 Geopointe

What it does - Geopointe provides proximity searching, optimized routing, territory management, boundary layers, demographics, check-in & more.

Why you need it - Geopointe is one of the most visually appealing mapping apps out there. They take your addresses and convert them into coordinates, so you can map them in Salesforce. Sales reps benefit because they can pinpoint leads nearby based on location, giving them an edge in the game.

Check it out here:


9 Cloudingo

What it does - Cloudingo chases down and eliminates duplicate data and offers powerful tools to cleanse your database.

Why you need it - If you’re looking to clamp down on duplicate data, then this is the right app for you. You can either use custom filters or built-in filters to get rid of the unwanted data that accumulates inside your Salesforce.

Check it out here:


10 Youreka

What it does - Youreka enables you to capture data and arrive at actionable insights faster through smart forms.

Why you need it - Youreka puts an end to the old-fashioned forms that don’t do anything after you’ve captured the data. No code required to build the forms, which offer 16 question types based on conditional logic. Forms are also populated with Salesforce data, taking the hassle out of the manual import.

Check it out here:


11 Dataloader.io

What it does - Dataloader.io allows you to quickly and securely import, export, and delete unlimited amounts of data for your enterprise.

Why you need it - It simplifies the entire data mapping process and gives you the power to pull related objects through a single pull. Spares you the trouble of pulling multiple datasets and adding them into Excel. That part alone is worth checking the app out!

Check it out here:


12 Nintex Drawloop

What it does - Drawloop transforms manual document creation processes into automated document generation in Salesforce.

Why you need it - You’re able to combine any number of document types, such as Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and Visualforce for both internal and external customers. The best part is that you don’t have to leave Salesforce, a tremendous plus when working with more complex projects.

Check it out here: