Make Your Ads Stand Out with Ad Extensions

October 10, 2016

When it comes to creating attractive ads that visitors will click on, content will always be king. Think about it, you’re competing in a sea of ads for the top spot in the ad rotation on the Google search network. What makes your brand or services any different from the others? Regardless if you’ve included all the main keywords within the description and wrote a killer ad (which you should always aim to do), yet you don't get any more clicks than the ad below you. What to do next...

You can have your ad stand out by using Ad extensions. Ad extensions allow you to stand out in various ways. While everyone else has the same generic ad display, you can go the extra step by having people call you directly with a phone number icon, convincing potential customers with a great review about your business or highlighting a few key benefits of your services all within the ad itself. We won’t talk about all the extensions, instead, we’re going to focus on the ones most relevant to Salesforce.

Here are a few Ad extensions and tips you can follow if you’re in the Salesforce business, as we are:

Call extensions - Call extensions provide visitors with a quick CTA by encouraging them to give you a call right away. This particular extension is ideal for starting the lead nurturing process and saving time on receiving a form submission. Calls are counted as clicks, which means that you pay the standard CPC each time someone dials your number. You can count calls as conversions and use Conversion tracking with a Google forwarding number to monitor the calls.

Callout extensions - Not to be confused with Call extensions, Callout extensions, allow you to stand out by providing more detailed benefits about your business or services beneath the description. At CloudTech, one of our main features is that we are one of the few certified PDO & ISV Partners in Israel. We definitely want to include that as one of our key value points, since it distinguishes us from our competition. If you offer something different or compelling, you will also want to highlight it through your Callout extensions.

Sitelink extensions - Sitelink extensions are used if you have several products or services on your website you’d like to send visitors to when they click on your ad. This is an ideal option if you are offering a limited time promotion or discount on a product/service, an upcoming event you’d like to promote or simply directing visitors to your Contact Us page to fill out a form submission. There aren’t any additional CPC fees for adding Sitelinks and you can add/edit them anytime you wish.

Review extensions - Review extensions are ideal if you’re looking to build trust and credibility through customer reviews or testimonials. A good review from a reputable third party source such as Business Insider or TechCrunch greatly increases your trust and credibility levels, which in turn can drive your CTR up by as much as 10%. Note: The review's content must match the original source. You cannot add individual customer reviews or testimonials, as the source must come from a third party. Always remember to ask permission before publishing any reviews.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you are a bit more familiar with the different Ad extensions, you can incorporate them with your regular search ads to help drive more qualified leads.