200 Salesforce Influencers on Twitter You Should Be Following

February 14, 2018

We’ve compiled the largest list of Salesforce Influencers on Twitter (to date).

The project required several months of extensive research, outreach, and design tweaking to complete.

Here’s how we came up with the list:

  • Influencers were ranked using a Social Authority tool called Followerwonk from Moz.
  • The actual order of influencers was random, provided they met our criteria of having a Social Authority score of 40 or above.
  • We kept the list only to individuals within the Salesforce community.

We’ve also included a bunch of valuable tips from a few of the influencers themselves. Make sure you check them out.

It was a lot of fun putting the list together and connecting with fellow Trailblazers. I also want to thank all the awesome people who helped contribute with valuable tips and feedback.

To all the others who didn’t make the list, don’t worry, we still think you’re awesome too!

See who made the list! 

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